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    We transform your businesses into customer magnets.

    Standing Room Events was the mastermind of a few business owners started from the mind of Jacqueline H Waller who first started a company called, Connecting Atlanta. Went through a transition of networking events, to educational workshops and 72 local live events later, partnerships with Non-Profits, SBA and other networking organizations to push and promote our events we now are helping other business professionals and service providers put on to expand and grow their companies.

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    Event Outsourcing

    Event Outsourcing

    Custom Pricing

    Don't want the hassle of putting a major conference together, let us do it for you. Email us for quotes.


    Examples of what we provide, include both options for Event Marketing & Branding including putting the custom event on for you.

    Event Consulting & Advising


    • Two 90 Minute Sessions
    • Target Customer Specification 
    • Review Purpose and Clarify Goals
    • Event Idea Deliberation
    • Two 30-Minute Phone Follow Ups
    • Customized Timeline Checklist
    • Available for Questions Via Email
    • Review Marketing Strategy

    Event Marketing & Branding

    Custom Pricing

    • Event Marketing
    • Lead Generation
    • Event Branding
    • Merge Partnerships
    • Non-Profit Affiliation
    • PSA's
    • Event Idea Deliberation
    • Review Purpose and Clarify Goals
    • Customized Timeline Checklist
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    Articles to assist you with your next successful local live event.

    15 Steps To Create A Successful Event Marketing Campaign

    The Process Of Event Marketing

    According to Forrester Research, events make up 24% of the average CMO’s B2B marketing budget. This trend seems to be growing, with projections showing that 3.2 million global professional events will be taking place annually by 2020.

    Statistics like these should come as no surprise. In a digital age where consumers are inundated with multiple forms of digital messaging, live events have the power to cut through the noise.

    Event marketing is one of the most direct and personable ways to connect with a target audience. However, executing an event marketing campaign is never a simple task and requires having control over multiple moving parts.

    To see how to exactly put a marketing strategy together check out this great article I pulled this info from.


    Purpose Of The Event

    Tools Needed For Your Event

    When you are organizing your event and thinking about what you want to accomplish, think about the value you want to bring to your audience; this will help you decide if you want it to be a free event, how many people you want there and how you set the event up.
    Ways of having a successful business event includes:
    Supplies are integral in being prepared
    Depending on the size of the event, however, some of the basics for an event of 50 people or less, you need disposable name tags your attendees can write on, markers, pens, surveys and a laptop with excel pulled up to get the additional names and emails of those who did not sign up.
    You either need to bring or see if the space you are having your event at has a projector. A laptop for your slides and a clicker to change your slide, some type of tripod like a Joystick for Social Media Live Streaming and/or recording.

    These are just some of the starting points to get you up and running.

    Marketing Is The Cornerstone Of Having A Successful Event

    What is the purpose of the event?

    Are you looking to drive more customers or to expand your brand?

    Think audience value, impact, and relevance to what your audience is looking for; that is why surveys are so important.

    A great event poorly promoted is event failure.

    What are the compelling reasons to attend your event? If you are having a free event expect 1 out of every 3 people to show up.
    Write up your title and have at least 3 bullet points of information you want to go over during your event.

    Marketing And Promoting Your Event

    Where do you promote and advertise your event?

    Share your workshop flyer and information all over social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) and any other platform you are on.

    The sites we use for promoting our flyers and events are (some are local to Atlanta, but it will give you some ideas on how you can promote it for your area):
    ❖ Your own email database
    Partner with local networking companies that host events on a regular basis in your area. This works when you send out regular emails to your clients as well.
    Send text messages to your clients, friends, and family and ask them to share online as well.
    You can also partner with a non-profit for your event which will allow you to have free radio and TV advertising through PSA’s.

    Your Event's Presentation

    Make sure your event's presentation is remembered

    Be creative in design and words, numbers and images.

    Plan the presentation with the end in mind and make sure to always have some type of CTA (Call to Action) at your event.

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